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Choctura offers to help you reach the peak of culinary aesthetics. Create dishes that shimmer with sparkling luxury and dazzle your customers!

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Flakes for Luxury

Bring the fancy to your food and drink creations by adding gold or silver flakes!  They immediately raise the experience for consumers when used as a garnish on cocktails, desserts, savoury dishes or even atop champagne. You can also use them to create eye-catching designs on chocolates, or mix them in gelatin to add a gold sparkle and glitter.

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Shimmering Bakeries

Add spectacular sparkle to highlight design elements or just to simply create glamour and fun!  Metallic Gold Powder is an edible decorative powder used to create spectacular presentations. It can be combined with cocoa butter for sprinkling or spraying, or alcohol for use with an aerograph or brush. 

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A Sprinkle of Choco Crunch

Delicious on their own and as a dessert garnish,  cocoa nibs and chocolate pearls add an addictive crunchy texture that is sure to please.  Works on cakes, ice cream, oatmeal, yogurt, trail mixes and more!

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Bulk Orders, Lower Prices

Interested? We can offer a  customized wholesale price when you order in bulk , adapted to the particular needs to you have as a business!

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