Decadence Defined

Sharing in the expertise and craftsmanship of our growers, the Choctura brand of exceptional products values the cacao bean and the traditional technique applied to unleash its complex range of flavours. Exercising great care and attention to source only the best farmed beans, assures the authenticity and excellence of each product. We start with only the best so you get only the best.

Highly malleable and easy to work with, Choctura dark chocolate is the first choice for memorable fondants and bakery favourites. From the powerful, biting flavour of Vadaro, to the subtle, bittersweet Avadon, Choctura premium dark chocolate is made from only the finest ingredients. All nut and gluten free, ranging in cocoa content from 56% to 80%, the Choctura assortment of intensely rich dark chocolate meets every chefs' needs.

Antioxidant packed Choctura Cacao Powder is a naturally sugar free healthy option in beverages, smoothies and desserts. Its rich, smooth, mild chocolate taste satisfies chocolate cravings deliciously. Lacking the bitterness and acidity of natural cocoa it blends magnificently with other flavours.

Rolled in sugar and baked to perfection Choctura Caramelized Cocoa Nibs gratify every sweet tooth deliciously. Top ice cream, yogurt and sorbet or mix them into favourite cakes, cookies and desserts. These irresistibly sweet gems are also the perfect snacking indulgence all on their own.

Crisp, thin, vanilla biscuit shells (tuiles) shaped similar to small pleated cups are every busy chef’s dream. These ready-to-fill, chocolate coated serving cups bring elegance to even the moistest mousse, ice creams and fruits.

Following the same caring philosophy used to create all of the Choctura fine chocolate products, Choctura embellishments perfectly accent decadent chocolate creations. Sprinkle, spray or brush Choctura Metallic Powders on cakes, cupcakes and chocolates. Highlight design elements to create spectacular presentations every time.

Emphasize the care and attention given to each of your creations by incorporated Choctura fine products into all your chocolate recipes. Contact us to find out more.

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