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Quinoa Puff Coated with Chocolate 500g Choctura

Category: Chocolate, Refrigerate, Frozen

An ideal snack that's chocolatey and crunchy. Quinoa Puff Coated with Chocolate are small pearls of crunchy toasted puffed quinoa in a glossy coating of dark organic chocolate. An ideal treat for anyone with a nut allergy. Enjoy them on their own or add to trail mix. Use as a garnish for cakes, puddings and ice cream. Stir them into puffed quinoa or brown rice crispy squares.


Chocolate 70 ?cao (cocoa mass (cocoa liquor), cane sugar, cocoa butter, natural cocoa powder), puffed quinoa, cocoa butter.

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  • sku: 204217
  • brand: Choctura
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