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L'ovoire (28%) Callets 2Kg Choctura

Category: Chocolate, Refrigerate, Frozen

Premium white chocolate made from 100 percent pure cocoa butter, milk, sugar and pure Bourbon vanilla. L'ovoire (28%) Callets have a milky, creamy caramel and vanilla flavour. It's versatile, and the small disks melt quickly. Use it to dip filled chocolates or to coat chocolate molds. Make white chocolate mendiants or bark using dried fruit and nuts, crystallised flowers, and popping candy. Create light, white chocolate mousse for parfaits or cakes. Melt in warm milk and add rum for an extravagant hot white chocolate drink.


sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, soy lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring

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  • sku: 173358
  • brand: Choctura
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