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Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Real Chocolate for Baking

From the powerful, bold, deep flavour of Vadaro 80% Dark Chocolate, to the subtle, bittersweet 56% Avadon Dark, to intensely bittersweet, creamy and smooth Zentro 60% Dark Chocolate,  Choctura baking chocolates  bring a reliable yet affordable quality. We also bring you high quality  cocoa powders  and creamy  cocoa butter , which have many creative uses in the kitchen. Don't forget our dark and milk chocolates that can be melted in a  smooth chocolate fountain !

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Eye Catching Baking Décor

Create spectacular designs using our fun palette of food colours, including special edible metallic powders, which you can sprinkle or bush on bakeries of all sorts to create a sparkling shimmer. We also have very popular decorative golden or silver flakes, which immediately brings a luxurious look to pastries or chocolates. You can also ornament your creations with cocoa nibs or chocolate pearls to add an extra oomph of crunchy chocolateness.

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