Professional pastry chefs, bakeries, chocolatiers, restaurants and hotels count on the gourmet Choctura ingredients that make their desert creations one-of-a-kind inspirations. We source only the best chocolate in the world and then offer it to chocolate makers, bakers, chefs and chocolate lovers that want premium chocolate at wholesale prices. Our success has been built upon value and quality and your satisfaction is how we measure our own success. Use our selection of quality chocolate products to make your own creations to keep your customers wanting more.We specialize in freshness and never compromise on the level of quality products that we provide to each and every client. We import our chocolate from manufacturers that are renowned for producing the purest and finest chocolate in the world.

At Choctura our passion is chocolate and we understand exactly what a restaurant needs in terms of products and delivery. We have been a trusted supplier of chocolate to establishments across North America and have built up an exclusive client base for just that reason. We know that you need a supplier that you can count on for punctual deliveries of an outstanding chocolate product. We can deliver that plus much more and pride ourselves on 100% customer satisfaction.

Pastry chefs and chocolatiers understand that baking with premium chocolate is an art form that involves creativity. Flavour combinations, textures, and shapes all form into dessert treats that are unimaginable. Gourmet chocolate offers its own set of rewards when used as an ingredient and provides a better flavour and visual appearance. High standards simply cannot be attained when using lesser quality chocolate ingredients.

Purchasing fine gourmet chocolate has never been more affordable or easier than it is today when you shop with Choctura. We have partnered with chocolate suppliers that use top quality beans and the perfect processing conditions to bring out the best flavour in every bean. We then offer this gourmet chocolate to our customers and provide incredible pricing through our wholesale bulk programs.

At Choctura we know that running a business depends on the supplier you use. You need to have trust in your supplier and know with full certainty that your products will be delivered on time and with attention to your order details. We take all of this into account and make sure that you not only end up with the best ingredients possible for your dessert recipes but that you have full confidence in our service as well.

We are the chocolate distributor that you can trust for competitive pricing, top quality chocolate ingredients and an efficient and timely delivery. You can feel confident placing an order for bulk products from Choctura since we understand that the ingredients you choose help to determine your reputation in the field.

When second best simply isn’t an option and you require the highest quality chocolate available at an affordable price, we deliver.

Find out more about our wholesale pricing for bulk quantities today by filling out the contact form on this site or feel free to get in touch directly with our distributor, Qualifirst.