Gousses de Vanille Bourbon 50 g Royal Command

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Gousses de Vanille Bourbon 50 g Royal Command
50 g
Gousses de Vanille Bourbon 1 kg Royal Command
1 kg

Voici la saveur classique de vanille. Cultivée et séchée sur l'Île Bourbon de Madagascar, chaque gousse de vanille est sélectionnée à la main pour sa fraîcheur et son parfum gourmand. Les gousses de vanille Bourbon sont longues et fines, d'un goût et d'une odeur riches. Leur peau est épaisse et huileuse, et elles contiennent des petites graines en abondance. Un parfum crémeux et sucré, rappelant le foin, aux notes de vanilline.

Origin: Madagascar Madagascar
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    Gousses de Vanille



    • 100% ALL-NATURAL – These are completely 100% genuine real vanilla beans, fresh with no preservatives or additives added. These are delivered to you the way they were picked, because we know this is the kind of product you don’t mess around with.
    • INCREDIBLY RICH FLAVOR – The flavour is rich, dark and creamy with an overwhelming sweet, buttery aroma, which takes your baking and desserts to a whole different stratosphere of pure bliss.
    • GREAT VALUE – Get a bag of approximately 12 to 16 (depending on the sizes) of the highest quality beans on the market, ranging from 5.5 to 7 inches long.
    • USAGE – The perfect beans to make your own high quality vanilla extract by dipping it in alcohol. You can also add a pungent vanilla flavor to your cakes, whipped cream, spreads, pastries, muffins, coffee syrup… it’s the perfect flavoring tool.


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    Smooth, creamy with an intense vanilla flavour from real vanilla bean and vanilla powder.

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