Amidon de Blé en Poudre 250 g Royal Command

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Pour une finition soyeuse des ragouts, puddings et plats à la braise. L'Amidon de Blé en Poudre a une apparence semblable à l'amidon de maïs, c'est un épaississant. Mélangez-le à du liquide et chauffez-le pour un résultat opaque ou mat cependant moins puissant que l'amidon de maïs. C'est souvent un ingrédient des édulcorants comme le glucose ou le dextrose. Il peut être utilisé pour remplacer la farine.

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    • SUBSTITUTE FOR FLOUR – For those who are looking for a better alternative to flour, wheat starch is the best place to turn. From chocolate pudding to braises, wheat starch can be used as a powerful alternative for traditional flour.
    • GLUTEN FREE ALTERNATIVE – Though many associate wheat with gluten, wheat starch is a product that’s been processed to remove gluten. So long as the final product doesn’t contain more than 20 ppm of gluten, wheat starch can be used in gluten-free products.
    • FROM KERNEL TO BAG – Wheat starch begins life as wheat kernels. These then go through a complex process, including agitating, sieving, being placed in a centrifuge and drying. Throughout this process, you can be confident that there’s nothing but pure wheat in your starch. It’s perfect for those who value purity.
    • CREATE SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL – While it may not be the product you see on your plate, wheat starch powder is integral in many areas of cooking. Being such a versatile product, the sky’s the limit for what you create with this essential ingredient.

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