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Tapioca pearls are made from a starch extracted from the cassava root (Tapioca) that's processed to make the chewy pearls commonly used in Bubble tea. They are made by pushing moist tapioca starch through a sieve. The pearls are a naturally gluten-free thickening agent. Used in traditional Filipino Coconut and Mango pudding they also add an interesting texture in popsicles.

Origin: Thaïlande Thaïlande
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    Tapioca, sodium metabisulphite

    • ONE ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENT – Our tapioca pearls only have one ingredient: Tapioca. This makes it so that you can be confident that there are no preservatives/additives or extra ingredients that you didn’t sign up for.
    • THICKENING AGENT – As a naturally gluten-free thickening agent, tapioca pearls can be used to make puddings, pies and jellies.
    • MAKE A DELICIOUS TAPIOCA PUDDING – Small tapioca pearls are most famous for their use in a classic dessert, the old-fashioned tapioca pudding. Get creative with it by adding some fruit or chocolate! You can also make the Filipino variant of the dessert, Tambo-Tambo, which contains mango and coconut milk.
    • MORE USES – While large tapioca pearls are commonly used for making boba or bubble tea, they can be used in all types of desserts, popsicles, sweet drinks, dumplings, in savory dishes such as vegetable or cream-based soups… the possibilities only end with your imagination!

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