Amidon de Maranta Arundinacea 1 kg Epigrain

SKU: 204402 | Epigrain
Amidon de Maranta Arundinacea 1 kg Epigrain
1 kg
Amidon de Maranta Arundinacea ; 5 kg Epigrain
5 kg

Communément utilisé comme un épaississant, le maranta est un amidon facilement digestible avec un goût neutre, le rendant très versatile. Un excellent substitut pour la fécule de maïs ou la farine, il ne contient pas de gluten et fonctionne à son mieux lorsque cuit à basse température. Utilisez-le pour préparer des gâteaux, des biscuits, des petits pains campagnards. Ou utilisez-le dans des sauces, des sauces brunes ou même dans un pouding pour une merveilleuse alternative à vos amidons préférés.

Origin: Thaïlande Thaïlande
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    amindon de marante arundinacee.



    • ARROWROOT VS CORNSTARCH – Arrowroot starch is a nutritious and delicious substitute for cornstarch. Arrowroot in fact has more dietary fibre and calcium than cornstarch. It is also naturally gluten free making it a terrific alternative to any flour containing wheat, while also providing better digestion.
    • USAGE IDEAS – Arrowroot powder also has many uses outside the kitchen. It is often used in all natural homemade deodorants as it helps absorb moisture. It’s added to dry shampoos to help make hair softer, smoother, and less oily since it absorbs excess oil.
    • NATURALLY GLUTEN FREE – Looking for a family element that is the perfect flour substitute for those with gluten sensitivities? Arrowroot Starch is easily digested and naturally gluten free. Does best when cooked on low heat.
    • NEUTRAL TASTE – Arrowroot starch is a great additive or alternative for many sauces, gravies and baked goods. It has a neutral flavour, allowing its use in countless recipes without impacting the flavour of your final dish.

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