Levure Sèche Active Sac 907 g Fleischmann's

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Levure Sèche Active Sac 907 g Fleischmann's
907 g

Une levure de qualité très stable qui est activée par l'eau tiède et un peu de sucre. La levure sèche active est un ingrédient essentiel pour faire lever les pains et assurer une levée rapide et constante, leur apportant sa saveur acidulée distinctive. Elle est parfaite pour préparer le pain blanc classique, le pain brun ou de grains entiers, et les pains de spécialités tels que la brioche. Elle peut être utilisée dans la pâte à Danoise (pâte feuilletée levée), les pains sucrés tels que les brioches à la cannelle, et les muffins anglais.

Origin: Canada Canada
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    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size (g/mL) 22g
    Serving Size Consumer Friendly 3.5 c. à thé
    Amount % Daily Value*
    Calories 17
    Fat Total 0.3g
    Fat Total Daily Percentage 0%
    Saturated Total 0g
    Saturated Fat Daily Percentage 0%
    Trans Fat 0g
    Cholesterol 0mg
    Sodium 5mg
    Sodium Daily Percentage 0%
    Carbohydrate 3g
    Carbohydrate Daily Value Percent 1%
    Fibre 1.4g
    Fibre Daily Value Percent 5%
    Sugar 0g
    Protein 1.4g
    Vitamin A 0%
    Vitamin C 0%
    Calcium 0%
    Iron 3%


    Ingrédients: Levure, monstéaratede sorbitan.



    • QUALITY YEAST – The vacuum packaging of our Active Dry Yeast is done as it helps to extend the shelf life of the yeast by keeping out moisture. It is top quality and ready to use when you are. Simply dissolve the yeast into warm water and add into your ingredient mixture.
    • BAKE BREAD YOU'LL LOVE – When yeast converts the sugar in dough into carbon dioxide, the dough begins to expand. This gives the bread more of an airy and soft texture. This is the texture that we all love when it comes to our breads, pastries and pizzas!
    • VERSATILE USAGE – Active Dry Yeast is a versatile option as it can be used in all yeast-leavened goods. It is an excellent ingredient that is great for any restaurant, bakery, or pizzeria. It is the perfect ingredient to use when making classic white bread, brown or whole grain bread.
    • SPECIALTIES – Specialty breads such as brioche would benefit from Active Dry Yeast. It can also be used to prepare Danish pastry, and in your favourite sweet breads such as cinnamon buns, and to make English Muffins.


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