Flocons de Glycérine 1 kg Royal Command

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Flocons de Glycérine 1 kg Royal Command
1 kg

Marque d'ingrédients exceptionnels pour la cuisine moderniste, Royal Command offre des Flocons de Glycérine d'un blanc poudreux, utilisés pour émulsifier l'eau et l'huile. Malgré son nom, ce produit ne contient aucune glycérine. Les Flocons de Glycérine sont des émulsifiants très stables, composés de monoglycérides et de diglycérides extraits des gras de glycérines et d'acides gras. Ils sont principalement utilisés pour émulsifier l'eau et l'huile. Ils doivent être dissous dans l'huile à 60°C avant d'être ajoutés à l'eau (1g pour 50g d'huile)

Origin: États Unis États Unis
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    Glycerine, acide stearique.



    • USAGE – Glycerin flakes are high stability emulsifiers composed of monoglyceride and diglyceride taken from the fats of glycerin and fatty acids. They are used primarily to emulsify water and oil. Must be dissolved in 60ºC oil before being added to water (1g for 50g of oil).
    • VINAIGRETTES & SPHERIFICATION – While primarily to emulsify water and oil, as well as thicken and stabilize these immiscible ingredients, Glycerin flakes are a common ingredient in vinaigrettes and any other foods which blend both oil and water. They are also used in the creation of foams and caviar sized spheres.
    • OIL SPREAD – Create a butter texture out of a liquid fat such as olive oil. Infuse your olive oil with garlic and thyme. Add glycerin flakes and heat to 65ºC. Allow the mix to sit at room temperature to thicken, or refrigerate for a thicker set. Use 8g flakes to 100g oil.
    • SESAME FOAM – Create a sesame oil foam using our glycerin flakes. Simply mix together 215 grams of sesame oil with 16 grams of glycerin flakes. Heat the oil until the flakes are melted and remove from the heat to cool. Pour into a heat resistant whipping siphon until the foam is ready to be used.

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