Gel de Silice Déshydratant 250 g Royal Command

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Gel de Silice Déshydratant 250 g Royal Command
250 g

Le Gel de Silice Déshydratant absorbe et retient la vapeur d'eau. De petits sachets de gel de silice de .5gr qui permettront de conserver le bon taux d’humidité dans les emballages et de protéger les pâtisseries lors du transport et du stockage. Le gel de silice permet de lutter contre les moisissures et autres champignons pouvant se développer sur les aliments.

Origin: Chine Chine
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    silica gel

    • PREMIUM QUALITY: Silica Gel Beads Are The Most Important Part Of Humidity Control. Our Beads Are Of The Best Quality In The World. Our Silica Gel Packets Come In RESEALABLE Bags For Easy Storage As Well As Use.
    • PURPOSE: To Keep The Ambient Moisture In Packages And Containers Low To Protect Baking Preparations During Travel And Storage. Our Packets Will Help Keep Food Fresh!
    • SAFETY: Food Grade Paper. Feel Safe Knowing Your Desiccant Silica Gel Packets Contain Harmless Absorbent, And Are Doing Their Job By Dehumidifying.
    • USAGE: Our Silica Gel Desiccant Packets Are Versatile And Can Be Used To Not Only Protect Food, But Also Protect Important Photos, Document &, Books From Mold, Jewelry, Silverware, & Other Collectibles From Deterioration, & Can Even Be Used To Dry Out Accidentally Wet Electronics Including Phones & Cameras.

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