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Gel sweet and savoury preparations without animal-based products. Vegetarian Gelatin is a fine, white granular powder derived from vegetable gum, and used as a substitute for animal-based gelatin. For a firm gel, it's important to increase quantities—1 teaspoon of gelatin = 1.5 teaspoons of vegetarian gelatin, and acidic ingredients may cause it not to set. Use it to make vegetarian marshmallows, candies, jellied salads or desserts. Perfectly sets panna cotta made with non-dairy beverages like coconut or almond milk.

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    Acide adipique, poudre de dextrose, citrate de potassium, poudre de glucose, gomme carraghénane kappa, gomme de caroube.

    • WHERE TO USE – Vegan gelatin is said to set softly and melt in the mouth. It is by far the closest thing to regular gelatin on the market. You can use it in any recipe which calls for regular gelatin, just add more than the recipe calls for: 1.5 teaspoons of Vegetarian Gelatin for every 1 teaspoon of animal based gelatin.
    • HOW TO USE – Simply beat the powder into cold water until it’s dissolved. Do not let it soften in cold without beating. If you’re looking to create a firmer gel it will be important to increase quantities used if your recipe calls for animal based gelatin. Note: Acidic ingredients may cause it not to set.
    • SOUR CANDY - Perfect ingredient for sour Candy or edibles
    • USAGE NOTES – This gelatin opens up the door to countless recipes it will work with. Use it to make vegetarian marshmallows, candies, jellied salads or other desserts. You will need to act quick as the gel is quick setting, and it can not be remolded once the mold has been set. Highly acidic ingredients like lemon and pineapple juice may cause it to not set.

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