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Create salads and vinaigrettes with the fresh and unique flavour of this Japanese citrus. Yuzu Vinegar has the appealing taste of grapefruit, lemon and tangerine characteristic of the fruit. Use it to make vinaigrettes for seafood, rice noodle, beet, or citrus salads. It's a natural with avocado oil. Whisk into mayonnaise along with garlic to create a unique dip for vegetables or french fries. The Japanese add it to drinks that aid digestion along with honey and fresh ginger.

Origin: Japan Japan
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    rice vinegar, yuzu.



    • SO MANY WAYS TO COOK - Yuzu Vinegar has been used in thousands of recipes. From salad dressings to sushi, some people enjoy whisking it into mayonnaise to make something different from everyone's favourite condiment. Add it to your favourite soups or put some in a spray bottle and give your meats or fish a citrus kick!
    • SOOTHING FRAGRANCE - The Yuzu fruit is full of incredible properties. Among them is the fragrance. Anything made with Yuzu will give off an incredible aroma throughout your kitchen as you cook - this will make your guests super excited for your meal!
    • EVEN USED IN DRINKS - The Japanese have been known to add Yuzu vinegar to drinks that help with digestion, with honey and fresh ginger. This is just one of the many health benefits brought with Yuzu vinegar.
    • STRAIGHT FROM JAPAN - Many people find it hard to source Yuzu products in North America, that’s why many call it a chefs “secret ingredient’. This vinegar is sourced straight from Japan, ensuring maximum freshness and quality.

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