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Naturally present in food and with less than half the sweetness of sugar. Trehalose Powder is a white crystalline powder made from two molecules of glucose. It has 38 per cent of the sweetness of sugar and causes less of a spike in blood sugar than glucose. Used as an additive in frozen foods and ice cream to enhance flavour and extend shelf life.

Origin: Japan Japan
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    • PREMIUM PRODUCT – Here at Texturestar we believe in sourcing only the finest quality products, and our Trehalose sugar is no exception. Sustainably sourced, this sugar alternative will make for the perfect addition to your pantry for countless uses.
    • SWEETNESS – Trehalose Powder is a terrific substitute for your typical white sugar. Its percentile in sweetness is almost 60 percent lower than that of sugar making it mildly sweet. With that being said, Trehalose Powder will cause less of a spike in blood sugar levels. Making it an excellent sweetener for your pantry.
    • USAGE IDEAS – Trehalose Powder is a multi-functional powder that may be used in cooking or baking, as well as a quick energy boost. It is an excellent ingredient that can be used to replace sugar. Dissolve into your coffee, tea and even smoothies.
    • PRESERVATIVE – Trehalose Powder is an excellent additive and flavour enhancer. It is often used to preserve dried and frozen foods as well as ice cream. Trehalose Powder can also extend the shelf life of a product. Trehalose Powder is a sugar that acts as an antioxidant within the body.

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