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Make beautiful Asian sweets with this fragrant seed paste. Black Sesame Paste is a thick, jet black puree made from roasted black sesame seeds and has an intense sesame aroma and flavour, similar to sesame oil, with notes of dark chocolate and coffee. Its flavour is more pronounced than tahini. Traditionally used to make a sweet soup, puddings, ice cream, and soya milk drinks. Mix it with honey and spread it on toast, add it to cakes and buttercream or cookie dough for colour and flavour. It's also a delicious addition to marinades for meat.

Origin: Japan Japan
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    Sesame Black.



    • NUTTY & TOASTY FLAVOUR – Its flavour is more pronounced than tahini. The paste is different than black tahini because the black sesame seeds are roasted before they are grounded into a smooth paste. 100% pure with no ingredients other than black sesame seeds, the flavour is both intense and delicious.
    • ELEVATE YOUR DESSERTS – Black sesame flavor is commonly used in preparing Asian themed desserts and baked goods. Popular recipes include macarons, purin (pudding), chiffon cake, mochi, bread, ice cream, buttercream, cookie dough and more. Black sesame is unique in the way it changes the dynamic of a dessert completely. Ordinary looking desserts become transformed into a peculiar dark gray color with fantastic flavour.
    • TRADITIONAL USES – Many use black sesame paste to make a sweet soup, puddings, ice cream, and soya milk drinks. One of the most common ways to use it is mixing with honey and spreading on toast. It's also a delicious addition to marinades for meat.
    • OTHER USES – This versatile asian cooking seasoning can also be used as a garnish, mixed into salad dressings and smoothies, as a thickener and flavour enhancer in soups, or simply as food colouring! Remember to refrigerate after opening.

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