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Garnish grandly and mindfully with statement making dehydrated mandarin rounds. Dehydrating perfectly ripened, fresh, mandarin oranges concentrates the fruit’s delicious flavour and aroma while making them shelf stable. Reduce waste, reduce cost, and reduce workload. Moistening releases the fruit’s full essence so add their unexpected look and appealing chewy texture to a citrusy Mandarin Gin Fizz or a refreshing Mandarin Mojito. Finish off a Champagne Cocktail in style. Cut them into small pieces and bake into apple crisp, toss into baked goods, or mix into chicken salad with walnuts and dried cranberries.

Origin: China China
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    • FREE MASTER MIXOLOGIST E-BOOK – Soon after you order we’ll be sending you an email containing some of our favorite recipes featuring our freeze dried cocktail garnishes, as well as cordial syrups - some recipes even submitted by you! If you want others to try your creations, be sure to let us know how you used it when you leave your review!
    • A MANDARIN MARTINI – Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour in 1/3 cup strained mandarin orange juice or tangerine juice, 2 oz of vodka, 1 oz orange liqueur and shake well until chilled. Serve in a large martini glass and float 1-2 mandarin rounds on top for garnish.
    • LIGHT AND CRISPY – Our advanced freeze drying process removes all water from the fresh fruit, leaving behind all minerals and the true essence of the fruit, with a light and crispy texture. Our freeze dried mandarin rounds are the most natural form of the fruit, always fresh, a beautiful cocktail garnish, as well as a healthy snack.
    • OTHER USES – Aside from being a beautiful cocktail garnish for any orange flavoured sodas, margaritas, mojitos, and anything containing a warm citrus mix, you can use dehydrated mandarin rounds as quick snacks and travel food, to freshen up your water, on top of desserts or ice cream, or grind into a powder for flavouring baked goods!

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