Dry Ingredients

Don't get caught with a low stock of essential ingredients. We provide a wide array of dry ingredients for all kinds of foodservices
establishments, including blends, sweeteners, decorations, and supplies so you can keep creating delicious entrees, sides, and sauces.

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Frozen to keep the fruit flavor, texture and freshness you demand.


Hand-crafted premium tart shells, cones and baskets.


Finest Belgian chocolate now available for your bulk orders in Canada.


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Dry Ingredients

Authentically-sourced ingredients are the springboard to great dishes. All real and natural, these gourmet products lend a gush of flavours to your servings. Choose from an extensive variety of blends, seasonings, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and beverages and refine your menu. A better selection of food will infallibly bring you a happier set of customers-turned-regulars.

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Dry Fruits, Vegetables

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Grains, Beans, Seeds & Nuts

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Regular Price: 6.24 CA$ 5.94 CAD
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Regular Price: 21.16 CA$ 20.150000000000002 CAD
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Regular Price: 13.27 CA$ 12.64 CAD
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Regular Price: 7.89 CA$ 7.51 CAD
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Blends, Sweeteners, Starches

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Regular Price: 2.46 CA$ 2.34 CAD
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Regular Price: 94.50 CA$ 90.0 CAD
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Salt, Spices & Seasoning

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Regular Price: 7.50 CA$ 7.140000000000001 CAD
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Regular Price: 693.00 CA$ 660.0 CAD
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Regular Price: 43.70 CA$ 41.62 CAD
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Regular Price: 33.09 CA$ 31.51 CAD
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Tea, Coffee & Floral Herbs

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Regular Price: 4.35 CA$ 4.14 CAD
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Regular Price: 3.72 CA$ 3.54 CAD
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