Why Is Dark Chocolate Good for You?

August 16, 2017 by Staff Leave a Comment

Nutritionists and health professionals have continuously debated the health benefits of dark chocolate – however, many of the components of dark chocolate make it definitely better than milk chocolate. This type of chocolate offers natural sources of zinc, magnesium, iron, antioxidants and a number of trace minerals. But be wary, these types of numbers apply only if you buy dark chocolate that has a ratio of approximately 70% cocoa or more.

If you love chocolate, but aren’t a fan of sugar, consider making the switch over to the darker variety. Dark chocolate has half the sugar found in milk chocolate, fewer carbohydrates and more fiber. If you are following a strict diet program but simply can’t give up chocolate altogether, this is a great alternative when consumed in moderation.


Cocoa is full of flavonoids that provide special antioxidants – these help ward off a number of different illnesses. High flavonoid content can be found in dark chocolate, as well as some vegetables, fruits and wines. A variety of studies have shown that they can reduce the cell damage that is often associated with heart disease. These flavonoids also provide the following health benefits:

  • Enhance vitamin C absorption

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Improve vascular function

  • Prevent inflammation

  • Normalize the level of cholesterol

It’s important to note that these studies have just touched the tip of the iceberg, and more research will be needed to demonstrate all of the health benefits associated with dark chocolate. These health benefits are based on a small consumption of 3 ounces per day – eating more would not effectively add to the proposed health benefits. It is recommended that dark chocolate should be paired with an overall balanced diet.

More and more restaurant owners are making the switch over to dark chocolate. Find out more about ordering gourmet dark chocolate in bulk by contacting Choctura through our website, or talk directly to our distributor Qualifirst.

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