Make Your Cake Shine with Metallic Red Powder

May 21, 2018 by Staff Leave a Comment

Add a special sparkle to your cake with metallic red powder from Choctura. Whether you want to be creative and have some fun with your cake or would like to highlight some of the unique designs on it for a special event, you’ll love what this powder can add to the presentation. Use it on a cake, on cookies or sprinkle it on chocolate to make your creations pop!

This metallic powder provides a splash of colour along with a beautiful sheen to your work of art. It is entirely edible and easy to work with. It can be just brushed onto the cake dry, or it can be diluted in a small amount of alcohol before it is brushed on the cake.

If you’re going to be diluting the powder in alcohol, use a small amount of vodka. If you prefer not to use an alcoholic liquid you can also use lemon extract or canola oil. Both the oil and the alcohol produce a different appearance. If you use oil, the metallic effect will always remain shiny since the oil doesn’t dry out. If you are looking for a dried metallic look, you should opt for the alcohol.

You should also note that mixing the powder with oil will leave the decoration tacky. Leave the decorating until the very end to avoid any problems. As long as you are aware of the stickiness and handle the cake carefully once it has been completed, you won’t have an issue.

If you need metallic powder for your cake decorating or plan on making some chocolate treats or cookies in the upcoming future, you can order bulk quantities of powder at discount prices at We have a number of different colours available including red, gold, silver, blue, green, copper and bronze. Visit our website today for further details!

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