Healthy, Delicious, Exquisite – Try Our Premium Dark Chocolate

July 05, 2017 by Staff Leave a Comment

If you’re looking for gourmet dark chocolate that offers all of the qualities you’d expect to find in a premium product, you can find it here at Choctura. Dark chocolate is full of nutrients and offers a profile of intense flavour, making it the perfect choice for your desserts and baked goods. With dark chocolate, you can keep both your taste buds entertained and your heart healthy while setting a high standard for your restaurant, bakery or other fine dining establishment.

Dark chocolate raises the bar when it comes to creating exquisite chocolate delights. Now your patrons can enjoy not only a delicious flavour but the health benefits that go along with this type of chocolate. This darker variety also offers low levels of sugar, calories and fat when compared to other types of chocolate.

While chocolate was once viewed as an occasional indulgence in the past, evidence supports the conclusion that dark chocolate offers the beneficial antioxidants that a body needs to stay healthy. From desserts to drinks to cocktails, you can serve them all.

Our decadent chocolate offers a subtle bittersweet taste that is perfect for ice cream, sorbet, chocolates, truffles, chocolate sauce, chocolate cake and much more. We only source chocolate that contains its own personality and character, which will be reflected in your bakery products. Our smooth and creamy chocolate makes a perfect addition to coffee, hot chocolate and cocktails and raises the bar on chocolate cheesecakes and pastry toppings.

Enjoy a better taste while taking advantage of the value you’ll receive when you order our gourmet dark chocolate. We provide cost-effective solutions to bakeries and restaurants that understand the intrinsic nature of chocolate and how important it is to serve only the best. When quality counts, our cost-effective dark chocolate range of products fits the bill perfectly.

Learn more about our ethically sourced ingredients and premium chocolate by visiting to find out more about our discount pricing on wholesale supplies, or by calling our distributor Qualifirst directly at 1-800-206-1177.

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